by Gateways

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released December 30, 2012



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Gateways Sterling Heights, Michigan

Gateways, a progressive melodic hardcore band arising from the Metro Detroit area. This band is strictly about setting a straight forward positive message with uplifting words and a hard-hitting, fast-paced melodic sound. A group of great friends in it for the fun and passion in music, the experience, and most of all, to make a genuine positive impact in the music scene. ... more

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Track Name: Breaking Bricks
How many times can you try?
How many times can you face it?
I spend my days waiting for nothing
Give me a sign, give me a reason

After all these years
Between all the doubts

I will see through our darkest times
And if I must make it all alone
I hope that someday you'll know I tried my best

Speechless by the tone of your words
Blinded by the look in your eyes
Forever I wait, it seems like

With the times you thought we wasted
I grew stronger, I saw who I really am

Give me strength
Shattered bones through these solid walls
At least I know I tried my best
I tried to keep the peace
Searching for balance

Although I'm blinded by, by the way you look at me
I'll always see through our darkest times
I'm not losing patience
I'm just losing time
Track Name: Insights
've found a way
A glace through reality
I've seen the best and I've seen the worst

To see, to do, and not to hide behind

An endless road of struggle
Time flies, and I'm getting older
I'm not losing sight
I'm not losing touch
I'm gaining all that's lost

I've come this far and this is the person I choose to be

All this time, I thought the real world was a nightmare
Only to finally wake up and realize how far I've come
So far, into this dream of mine

Breaking away from this stagnant place
Breaking away from this endless road
When dreams turn to reality
I can never seem to let it go
Track Name: It's Better Than Nothing
We were there for as long as you have
We were there for the best and worst times
Look at yourself, and live a little
All of this everywhere you go, everything you see
It's all better than nothing
Home is where you make it
Can't you see it for what it is, you don't hate this town
You're acting like you sshould be the one wearing a crown

To me, this is my landmark
I've grown to be a man, with my own spark

It's time for you to learn
Make the best of the small things
Make the best of what we have

And everywhere I go, everything I see

You are my backbone, with this in mind I'll never feel so alone
Track Name: Retaliation
Each and everyday
I wait and see if these walls would close
This is not the fight
This is not the war I chose

Holding on to the last bit of hope
Holding on to the hate inside me
Remembering to forget

If I can hold back, then I can think to be the better man

I won't let this take me apart
We've been turning in the wrong corners
We've been traveling in the wrong paths
When it all comes down, will I even strike back?
Or how will this make me better than you?

Standing up so tall, standing up so brave
I'll be the better man, I'll never become a slave
No remorse, I'll stand up with confidence
I'll be the bravest man you'll ever see

No remorse, I'll stand up with confidence
I've held on to the last bit of hope
And I'm making it through
A free man of retaliation
Track Name: Instrumental
Track Name: From My Side
I was born to stand on my own feet
You can try to take me down
I won't ever lose sight of who I am

Straight ahead, I will see through
I'll only know the truth, and only the truth
Say and do what you want
These crucial times will never get the best of me

From my side, I got nothing to hide
And in my heart, I know what I'm here for
Track Name: The Right Direction
In this life of mine, it took so long to get where I needed to be
These chains, they kept me on the ground
My world came crashing down on me
I found my crutch, a new hope to believe in

I watched the way you fall
I watched the way you let go

A glass shatters, I've seen you fall apart, I've picked up the pieces
To see such a monument, I've caught a sight of who I shouldn't be
Without your guidance, I still know right from wrong
And with this voice, I'm definitely making a positive choice, a glimpse of who I really am

All of this has made who I am today
I've waited for so long for an answer
It's all clear to me now, I finally know who I am

The life of a man, the mirror in front of my face
My new life has been brought to mind
So many years of conflict it took me to find

Here's to the boy you once knew

I watched you run away
I watched the way you let go
False steps of many miles you've traveled

(Gerry from These Lights Above Us)
I will keep carrying this torch, forever burning so bright
My youth, I'm here to take it back for good

Corrupted promises, I conquered through
Your mountains of disappointments, I finally know who I am

The right direction, here's a new man
Track Name: Gateways
It's time to start and outreach
Keep an open mind
Keep an open heart
Always listening
Always seeing
Always welcoming

We are not afraid
These actions, these words will never fade
No matter what, we are not afraid

Looking in the right direction
With one purpose to move and to grow
Towards the top
Together we've set motion
A decision to take the first step

Open your mind and think
Open your eyes and look into mine

With actions, with these words
We'll never give up
With actions, with these words
We'll all make it through
Track Name: Stop And Think
I'll stand up for those who fell
I'll speak up for those who were let down
No longer I'll sit and watch

Stop and think, and see for yourself
No longer I'll walk away
I'll speak up, I"m here to stay

We all bleed the same
Your sight is blurred, it's such a shame
Get a firm grip, when will you learn
Your intentions has clouded your vision
Open your eyes make a better decision
Your insecurity is all in your head
It's not too late to take back what you said

Love each other and set aside our differences
Forget the hate, forget it all

No longer I'll walk away, I'll speak up I'm here to stay
And I've said all of this before, what is the point of all the hate
Stop and think, see for yourself.
Track Name: Departures
I'd like to see those faces now
The ones that said we'd never work

Just look how far, we've come now
Their words were never what we're worth

Break free from the mold this is not who you are

I'd like to see those faces now

We've come a long way, no more looking down.
I'm on my way