Existence EP

by Gateways

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released October 15, 2011



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Gateways Sterling Heights, Michigan

Gateways, a progressive melodic hardcore band arising from the Metro Detroit area. This band is strictly about setting a straight forward positive message with uplifting words and a hard-hitting, fast-paced melodic sound. A group of great friends in it for the fun and passion in music, the experience, and most of all, to make a genuine positive impact in the music scene. ... more

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Track Name: Bury The Hatchet
Bury the hatchet, let it go, laugh it off
All in all, what's the point of all the hate
No need to dwell, its time to come out of that shell.
Take a look around you. This world needs more of your love.
There's something more to this, there's something more than to be just sitting in the sidelines. It's time to realize, it's time to walk out. It's time to join the rest of the human race.
Track Name: Self Driven
For everything I've done for myself and the world.
All of these obstacles I've hurled over

I don't need to follow
My pride is something I need to swallow

I'm speaking up, I'm speaking up for myself

I'm learning from myself
I'm no better than anyone else
I don't wanna think about the blood we shed
We are looking straight ahead
Track Name: Step Forward
Day by day, we shine through by just waking up.
Day by day, we step forward to this ugly world
I'm running in my own pace, this is my time, this is my place

Making the best of existence, with all of these visions.
What will stop me now? Who will stop me now.

Constantly descending, what will stop me now?
It doesn't matter how hard we hit the floor. With this strength, we'll be determined to strive for more.
A sky filled with hope, giving up is never an option.
With this strength, we'll be determined to strive for more.

Searching left and right for my strength
I've had my time of defeat
I've had my time to bleed
This is my time, this is my time to shine through and I will never give in

Setting values, pushing forward against the wind
And I will never give in
From down here, we'll still be making you proud.
Track Name: To Understand
For all the times you've spent away
I've been thinking about the next days you'll be back
You're out there to follow your own dreams
Don't let anyone tell you different.
The weight of the world
How heavy can it be if you're still pushing, with all your might
Don't let anyone tell you any different

Remember these words
I will show you love, I will show you trust

With open arms, we'll still be here to catch you when you fall
The weight of the world
How heavy can it be if you're still pushing on
They'll never understand
You were born, to chase after your own dreams
Track Name: Without Regret (feat. Trevor of Seasons)
In all reality, where do you even stand?
So many days, so many years have passed
All of the mistakes, what about the lessons learned?
Growing up, I can still look at you in the eyes and see years ago without any regret. Every waking moment, I know I can count you. For the rest of my life.
I will never be the one to turn my back on you, and say the true things I said were never true
Without regret
Talk about memories, you're still in the plans I make, you're still in my life.
Trust, you portray the definition
The road we've traveled has been paved with gold. Many more opportunities to grab and take hold.

If you decide to take a step back, if you decide to take a look back; someone real is following you.
Where do you even stand?
When this solid ground falls apart, where will you be?

I'll be the one to, bury you my friend. Without any regret.